A vibrant campus brings people together and connects an institution with its surrounding community. We ensure your facilities and grounds inspire strong relationships, advance your core mission, and promote future growth.

U3 Advisors has worked with and within institutions to ensure their built environment inspires strong relationships, advances their core mission, and promotes future growth.

From developing new campuses to enhancing existing ones, we have advised institutions on public private partnerships, student housing portfolios, campus operations, facilities and real estate services, and campus planning. Our ability to work within an administration or campus operations, can provide our clients with additional capacity and expertise to deliver critical projects.

Services Include:

  • Academic Programming & Space Optimization
  • Anchor Scan: Institutional Demand, Supply, and Impact Analysis
  • Anchor Strategies & Anchor Districts
  • Campus and Community Engagement
  • Campus Edge Strategies
  • Financial Analysis and Pro Forma Development
  • Hospitality: Conference, Convening Space, and Campus Hotel Planning
  • Project Partner Solicitation
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Strategy, Transaction Structuring and Negotiation
  • Student Housing: Analysis, Partner Solicitation, Transaction Structuring and Negotiation
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Drexel University
Turning Ambition into Action
Turning Ambition into Action
Columbia University
A Long-Time Partnership for Long-Term Growth
A Long-Time Partnership for Long-Term Growth
Princeton University
Planning for the Future while Respecting the Past
Planning for the Future while Respecting the Past