When real estate is developed with a purpose beyond profit, it can have a lasting impact. Our development strategies are designed to support education, enterprise, and authentic experience.

U3 Advisors understands how critical real estate can be to advancing institutional missions. Beyond serving the core mission of the institution, we believe real estate, developed with intention, can contribute to the greater good.

We have helped institutions evaluate, transact, and develop over $2B of real estate projects that support education, enterprise, and authentic experience.Through creative and thoughtful real estate strategies that combine institutional objectives and community aspirations, we can deliver projects with transformative impact.

Services Include:

  • Campus Edge Strategies
  • Entity Creation & Capacity Building
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Financial Analysis and Pro Forma Development
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • Hospitality: Conference, Convening Space, and Campus Hotel Planning
  • Innovation District Planning and Development
  • Placemaking Strategies
  • Project Partner Solicitation
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Strategy, Transaction Structuring and Negotiation
  • Real Estate Market Analysis
  • Real Estate Predevelopment Project Management
  • Real Estate Strategy
  • Retail Demand Studies
  • Site Utilization & Options Analysis
  • Staff Extension and Capacity Building
  • Student Housing: Analysis, Partner Solicitation, Transaction Structuring and Negotiation

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Cornell Tech
Bringing Big Tech to the Big Apple
Bringing Big Tech to the Big Apple
Columbia University
A Long-Time Partnership for Long-Term Growth
A Long-Time Partnership for Long-Term Growth
University of Maryland, College Park
Bridging Town and Gown
Bridging Town and Gown