Our Team

Zack Goodwin

Senior Analyst, Philadelphia Office

With a lifelong passion for the built environment, Zack’s experience in geospatial technology, data visualization, and project management helps stakeholders envision and create sustainable and equitable communities.

Zack’s role as a senior analyst at U3 means he’s involved in an array of economic development and city planning projects. From database management to mapping and research to analytics, Zack ensures U3 staff have the insight they need to make informed decisions and help clients realize their potential impact.

Growing up in Athens, Georgia, Zack’s favorite pastime as a kid was playing SimCity where his interest in sustainable urban design and cartography took root. He is particularly passionate about the intersection between a city’s health and prosperity and its physical layout and function, and strongly believes that investing in greenspaces, active transportation corridors, and walkable neighborhoods is key to making communities more connected, more resilient, and more fun.

Zack formerly served as a project analyst with the School District of Philadelphia where he helped develop an asset and work order management system to handle all environmental remediation issues, including asbestos, lead paint, and mold. He also has experience as the senior business analyst at Philabundance, the Delaware Valley’s largest hunger relief organization. At Philabundance, Zack was responsible leading the organization’s five-year strategic plan, working with data visualization systems, and developing interactive maps and dashboards to help staff make informed decisions critical to advancing the vision of a hunger-free Philadelphia.

Zack holds a BA in Geography from the University of Georgia, a graduate certificate in geospatial technology from Thomas Jefferson University, and a master’s degree in Geodesign from Penn State. His graduate capstone project showcased the geodesign approach to urban planning, its stakeholder-oriented, decision-driven paradigm, and its ability to restrict gentrification’s negative, unintended consequences and maximize the benefits of urban reinvestment and development. Besides cities, Zack loves the great outdoors and tries his best to keep up with his wife, Jen, on their summer hiking adventures.