Our Team

Shannon Griffin

Senior Analyst , Philadelphia Office

Shannon believes that a sense of place, sense of belonging, and sense of self are interconnected.

Shannon is passionate about community-driven solutions that bring equity and inclusion to the forefront, allowing all community members to meaningfully benefit from development.  In her role as a senior analyst, Shannon provides research, data analysis, and project management support to guide clients towards opportunities to implement transformative strategies. Shannon often works with clients that are interested in establishing Live Local and Hire Local programs.

Before joining U3 Advisors, Shannon resided in Shanghai, China. Her experience abroad coupled with her background in Chinese and psychology allows her to take an interdisciplinary and culturally sensitive approach to her work. Shannon’s studies focused on the impact of rapid urbanization on China’s ethnic minorities and the role of sustainable tourism in preserving the culture of aboriginal communities in Taiwan.

Shannon holds a BA in Chinese and Psychology from Bates College, where she was awarded the Alfred J. Wright Foreign Language Award and the Richard V. Wagner Prize in Psychology for her Chinese and Psychology theses, respectively.