Our Team

Malia Teske

Associate , New York City Office

Malia Teske brings an innovative and holistic approach to her role as an Associate at U3 Advisors.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Malia’s journey to the realm of urban planning and real estate development has been both geographically and academically diverse. She pursued her bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Studies from Cornell University, an institution renowned for its multidisciplinary academic approach. Later, she deepened her expertise with a Master’s in Urban Planning, focusing on urban development and real estate, from Harvard University.

Her prior experience includes a significant role in New York City’s Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC)’s Asset Management Group, where she managed a portfolio of assets in Lower Manhattan and collaborated with a broad range of development partners and stakeholders to drive economic growth in one of the most complex and demanding real estate markets in the country.

Malia’s unique perspective is enriched by her hands-on experience and academic background. In her own words, she is drawn to real estate for its “implementable side,” motivated by a desire to see planning not just as theoretical work but as actions that bring the built environment to life.