District Services

At a district scale, U3 Advisors deploys strategies and programs that aim to leverage the economic power and demand of anchor institutions to increase vitality, promote connections and create economic opportunity.

  • Anchor Strategies
  • Innovation Districts
  • Live Local, Buy Local, and Hire Local Programs
  • Market Assessment and Analysis
  • Implementation Vehicles: (Community development organizations and institutional real estate entities)

Relevant Projects

Memphis Medical District Collaborative

U3 Advisors was engaged by the Hyde Family Foundations beginning in 2014 to understand the economic and physical impact of eight major anchor institutions in the Memphis Medical District including Baptist College of Health Sciences, Memphis Bioworks Foundation, Methodist/LeBonheur, Regional One Health, Southern College of Optometry, Southwest Tennessee Community College, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital/ALSAC, and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Together, these anchors employ 16,000 people, educate 8,000 students, have $1.2 billion in collective purchasing, and control 250 acres of property. U3 Advisors found that despite the significant size of these anchors, their potential impact within the Medical District has not been fully realized.

Nonprofit Organizations, Memphis, TN
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Midtown Detroit Anchor Strategy

U3 Advisors first began working in Detroit in 2009, when a group of local philanthropies engaged U3 to assess if there was an opportunity for Detroit’s anchor institutions — its Eds and Meds — to have a greater economic impact on the city. Through a data driven approach, U3 Advisors concluded that there was tremendous potential to capture the anchors’ economic impact within the city, and accordingly created a place-based economic development strategy that defined Midtown as the urban core of the city. Subsequent analysis and visioning resulted in several major initiatives.

Nonprofit Organizations, Detroit, MI
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University of Chicago

Over the past 10 years, the University of Chicago has engaged U3 Advisors on a variety of assignments focused on the revitalization of the neighborhoods surrounding the University in the Mid-South Side, to both enhance quality of life for students and staff, and for UChicago to provide a lasting contribution to its host communities.

Academic Institutions: Higher Education, Chicago, IL
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University of Maryland

Since 2009, U3 Advisors has served University of Maryland in College Park, advising on a variety of real estate and community engagement initiatives. Cumulatively, the strategies have led to the University forming a stronger working relationship in College Park, and laying the groundwork to transform the Downtown into a vibrant college town district.

Academic Institutions: Higher Education, College Park, MD
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