Yeshiva University

Retained in 2014, U3A assisted Yeshiva University in evaluating options to consolidate academic uses, provide student housing, and potentially sell excess real estate.  U3A performed an in-depth financial review of a portfolio of YU’s Manhattan properties, and determined potential net gains or losses in value from commercial and residential income as well as the impact on YU operating costs and parking operations.  U3A also assessed the feasibility of several mixed‐use development options for YU sites, performed a best practices study of multidisciplinary programs, and used GIS mapping to analyze students’ housing preferences. U3A’s final report recommended a set of targeted dispositions and consolidations phased over time to match the timing of YU’s needs, while minimizing disruption to its academic programs. 

U3A was re-engaged to assist YU in implementing the recommendations.  U3A prepared a development RFP, worked with YU’s architect to determine required streetscape and public realm improvements, and assisted YU in selecting a real estate broker.