City of Carlsbad, Office of Community & Economic Development

U3 Advisors was engaged by the City of Carlsbad, California in spring 2013 to support the City’s efforts in attracting higher education institutions to serve the needs of companies in its fast-growing information technology and life sciences sectors. U3A worked closely with Carlsbad leaders to engage local stakeholders—including businesses and academic leaders—to assess local strengths, resources and needs, in addition to developing a strategy for identifying and attracting the best academic partners for Carlsbad.  Input from this stakeholder group was an integral component of the framework for a formal Request for Expressions of Interest, which was released in spring 2014.  Responses were received in fall 2014 and we assisted the City of Carlsbad in its interview and selection process.  The City has now designated a preferred academic partner.  U3A is assisted the City in its negotiations and due diligence research.