Chicago Anchors for a Strong Economy (CASE)

U3 Advisors has worked closely with Chicago Anchors For a Strong Economy (CASE) since the entity’s formation, providing support in three phases:

Phase I and II

CASE brought U3 in as a neutral party to collect, standardize, and analyze purchasing data from CASE’s 14 anchor institutions.

The data collected and analyzed helped CASE identify the key trends in their purchasing activities. Through analyzing by institution and industry the various geographies of importance to CASE, the amount being spent, and which suppliers where been used, a strategy was created to increase local impact. Specifically, the data identified focus areas for CASE’s Targeted Matchmaking Activities as well as major suppliers to engage as part of CASE’s Supply Chain Integration Work.

Phase III

CASE retained U3 Advisors as a resource for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting purchasing data, while also tapping into the firm’s experience in real estate and place-based economic development strategy, conducting six comprehensive “Anchor Scans” and implementing CASE’s first Anchor Action Plan.