American University of Beirut/American University in Cairo

U3 Advisors advised, programmed, and helped convene a joint symposium between the American University of Beirut (AUB) and the American University in Cairo (AUC), which focused on the role and relationship between anchor institutions in Middle East and their neighborhoods. Funded through a Ford Foundation grant, the symposium was held in Cairo in November 2015. The 2-day gathering brought together members of AUB’s and AUC’s leadership, faculty, and staff with international experts from higher education, civic engagement, philanthropy, and urban planning.

AUC has proposed to evolve the university’s civic engagement program into a more transformative agenda with the support of well-established networks that promote the civic engagement of higher education institutions, both regionally and internationally. Through the Idea Lab, AUB and AUC were able to exchange knowledge and benefit from the lessons learned in different contexts through investigating potential avenues for implementing place-based strategies in both universities that combine elements of civic engagement and anchor strategies relevant to the region.