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Our Commitment to Sustainability

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The urgent environmental and economic threats posed by climate change require swift action and disciplined leadership. U3 Advisors is committed to working alongside its clients and partners to confront these existential threats and find renewed opportunities for growth, change, and sustainable development.

Many universities, hospitals, and other institutional anchors understand the unique positions they hold in their communities with regard to reducing carbon emissions and moving toward a more sustainable future. To their credit, many of these institutions have been at the forefront of implementing thoughtful resilience plans and lowering their carbon emissions significantly. However, they still lack the capacity to coordinate the culture change and economic restructuring that will get us to complete carbon neutrality. U3 Advisors can help make this happen. Our work with our clients and partners is intended to meet multiple bottom lines: environmental, economic, and civic. Specifically, we will:

  • Integrate sustainable strategies and local economic initiatives to leverage the power of anchor institutions to inspire urgent cultural shifts and structural change.
  • Maximize walkable, mixed-use and dense edge development, including the creation of proximate and affordable housing options to minimize transportation-related emissions.
  • Launch highly localized goods and services procurement and hiring initiatives.
  • Measure the C02eq emissions impacts of our work – especially our local initiatives – to understand and report out the existing impact
  • Develop internal processes and standards to maximize climate-related impacts and create a “baseline” of knowledge related to carbon-reduction strategies within our own firm.
  • Center equitable access to clean, healthy environments and to economic opportunities in sustainability.

“We have known for years that climate change is the existential threat of our time. Every minute that we waste not addressing this threat is a minute that we will not recover,” says U3 Advisors CEO Omar Blaik. “Our work with anchor institutions will drive down their fossil fuel consumption while accelerating their progress toward their real estate, transportation, procurement, and economic development goals. Where others may be overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge, we are excited at the opportunities this work offers to repair our world and further our clients’ missions.”