U3 Advisors launches Hire Local 901 in Memphis

U3 Advisors, working in partnership with the Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC), recently designed and launched a workforce development effort that aimed at creating greater economic opportunity for the local community.

Hire Local 901 is a partnership of the MMDC, 7 participating anchor institutions, and local workforce development providers in order to connect training, education, and employment opportunities to residents in and around the Memphis Medical District.

Hire Local connects Medical District employers seeking local talent to Medical District residents seeking employment opportunities. Through its partnership, MMDC can also connect local residents to training programs to help them obtain the qualifications that might be needed to seek employment opportunities.

U3 Advisors worked with MMDC to convene the anchor partners to identify high demand job categories, developed a program framework, secured program funding, and created guidelines and management agreements between the institutions and MMDC.

Learn more about U3 Advisors' engagement with MMDC here