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Meet one of our new analysts, Derrick Simmons!

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Derrick Simmons is a native New Yorker, an experienced map-maker, and a Michigan grad. He’s also one of U3 Advisors’ newest analysts, a role that he intends to use to help himself grow as he helps his clients thrive.


This conversation has been edited for length and clarity. 


How long have you been with U3 Advisors? 

I started Monday! I’m in my training period now and I’m just excited to be here. I will be returning to the New York office at the end of the month. 


Are you from New York? 

I was born and raised in New York, and I actually have a connection to almost every borough because I went to school in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. My family’s from New York. My friends are from New York. Everything about me is pretty much New York.


How do you describe what you do to your friends and family now?

I would say that I’m an analyst for a company that helps different organizations reach their goals in various ways in their neighborhoods.


How’d you find out about U3?

A job at U3 Advisors was actually one of the jobs recommended for me on an online job site. I read more about the whole organization and I felt like I’d be a great fit. The work seemed so interesting to me, and along the lines of work I’ve done in the past. 


How did your past experiences help you prepare for this role?

I went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and one of my internship programs that I completed during my time there was in consulting. I did a lot of mapping– my project involved figuring  out where public transportation was, where the public schools were located, and where students tended to be coming to school from. Aspects of that mapping are similar to what I think I’ll be doing here. 


What do you find most appealing about the firm so far?

It’s a really friendly organization overall – everybody that I’ve met is really nice. They like to talk if you need them for anything, which is something I noticed during the interview process: the work is meaningful work but it’s also a relaxed environment where you have the ability to get things done in your own way. It’s got a work culture where nobody’s looking over your shoulder, but everyone’s eager to help you.