About Campus+City

Campus+City at U3 Advisors works with cities and regions on talent attraction, inclusion and retention strategies, leveraging higher education and other place-based assets.

Deborah Diamond, Director of Campus+City, is an expert in regional college and university collaboration, creating linkages between employers and higher education, and place-marketing and communications for the college student audience.

About Deborah

City Visits
Two-to-three day visits (virtual or IRL) to introduce a college student engagement and retention strategy and gain local buy-in. Presentations and workshops for higher ed, economic development, employer and city leaders.
Launch an Initiative
Identify the right program for your city: summer internship program, a welcome festival, website and/or social media campaign. Campus+City can help you with the tools, programs, and marketing plans needed to launch.
Get help answering the toughest questions related to implementation: What kind of staff is needed to make this successful? What is the best funding structure for sustainability? How do we measure impact and success?


Campus Greensboro
Greensboro, NC

Action Greensboro, an economic development group, launched their summer fellows program in 2016, after a year-long consultation with Deborah. The program leverages Greensboro’s vibrant downtown and strong employer base to engage hundreds students from nine schools in a summer internship program which includes professional development and peer networking. In 2018, following the success of the summer fellows program, Action Greensboro launched Campus Greensboro to include year-round programming for the region’s college students.

Campus Tulsa
Tulsa, OK

The George Kaiser Family Foundation recognized the opportunity to increase Tulsa’s vitality by inviting college students from regional campuses to be summer interns in Tulsa in an effort to convert them to be future residents. Deborah worked with the Foundation and the Tulsa Regional Chamber to explore a model for college student engagement and summer internship placement. After workshops with employers, higher education leaders and city officials, Deborah delivered a framework for the launch of Campus Tulsa which occurred in 2021.

Norfolk, VA

Worked with Visit Norfolk to introduce the city, economic development organizations and higher education institutions to the Campus Philly model. Deliverable of a summary and recommendations memo became the foundation for a GO Virginia grant, which allowed the Hampton Roads Workforce Council to launch Campus757 in 2020, with a website launching in 2021.

Campus Cleveland
Cleveland, OH

Leadership Cleveland’s young professional’s program was a natural jumping off point to launch a college student initiative. Deborah’s visit in the fall of 2018 kicked off the community conversation that led to a rebranding of iCleveland to become Campus Cleveland, offering programming for summer interns as well as professional connection-building for college students during the academic year.

Fargo, ND – Morehead, MN

The Arts Partnership in Fargo, ND realized that art institutions would thrive if the next generation audience was engaged. With multiple higher education institutions in the Fargo-Morehead area and the population of Fargo growing, it was a great opportunity to launch a college student engagement initiative that centered on the arts but could be extended to internships and living and working in the Fargo-Morehead region.

Rochester, NY

Rochester had a university-based champion for a cross-campus welcome event for college students in Rochester. Planning for the event led to an engagement with Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce to develop a program that would elevate Rochester as a place to explore while a student and work after graduation.

Richmond, VA

ChamberRVA was looking for a strategy to address a Commonwealth-wide challenge: state-funded higher education institutions were seeing their students leave to other cities and states, diminishing the return on investment of those higher education investments. Deborah worked with leadership of Chamber RVA to create a vision for RVA NOW which was successful in receiving state funding to launch in 2020.

Campus Wichita
Wichita, KS

W, the young professional organization associated with the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce saw the disconnect between the diversity of students on campus and the homogeneity of the professional workforce in the city and region. In an effort to provide more opportunities to Wichita college students and diversify the cities talent pipeline, Deborah led higher education and business leaders through multiple sessions to present a model for college student engagement and retention, recommending a targeted summer internship program to be launched in summer 2021.

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Mission-Driven Leadership: Having the Courage and Resilience to Pivot when Necessary
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