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  • Since 2009, U3 Advisors has served University of Maryland in College Park, advising on a variety of real estate and community engagement initiatives. Cumulatively, the strategies have led to the University forming a stronger working relationship in College Park, and laying the groundwork to transform the Downtown into a vibrant college town district.

  • U3A served as consultant to Cornell in the University’s successful quest to win the Bloomberg administration’s competition to attract a world-class applied sciences and engineering campus to New York City, and has since served as real estate advisor in implementing the 2 million square foot campus.


U3 Advisors practices at the intersection between cities and the institutions and non-profits that anchor them. We bring a deep understanding of distinct but critical perspectives: an institution’s mission & campus vision, financial feasibility of a project, and impact on real estate & community outcomes. Through these perspectives, U3 Advisors delivers partnership-based services and meaningful, impactful strategies and products.

Parcel Services
Focusing on a specific building or site, U3 Advisors leverages its deep understanding of non-profit facilities development and management to support our clients through a variety of services.
Campus Services
At a campus level, U3 Advisors draws on its experience working inside and in partnership with non-profit anchors to align its institutional mission with its campus vision.
District Services
At a district scale, U3 Advisors deploys strategies and programs that aim to leverage the economic power and demand of anchor institutions to increase vitality, promote connections and create economic opportunity.

News + Ideas


U3 Advisors establishes Terrapin Development Company at the University of Maryland

On behalf of the University of Maryland and University of Maryland College Park Foundation, U3 Advisors led the creation of the Terrapin Development Company (TDC), in an effort to transform College Park into a dynamic University District – that includes vibrant downtown amenities and a hub for public-private research and innovation. TDC’s contributions from UMD and the Foundation include the newly developed and opened University of Maryland Hotel and Conference Center and MilkBoy Arthouse - a restaurant and music venue.

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U3 Advisors launches Hire Local 901 in Memphis

U3 Advisors, working in partnership with the Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC), recently designed and launched a workforce development effort that aimed at creating greater economic opportunity for the local community. Hire Local 901 is a partnership of the MMDC, 7 participating anchor institutions, and local workforce development providers in order to connect training, education, and employment opportunities to residents in and around the Memphis Medical District.

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U3 Advisors Develops Real Estate Strategy for the University of Toronto

University of Toronto (UofT) is one of the largest landowners in its namesake city. The university’s Downtown (St. George) Campus occupies approximately 180 acres in the heart of Toronto. Under the leadership of President Meric Gertler, UofT has made a renewed commitment to its role as an anchor institution for Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. U3A worked with a Steering Committee comprised of key university administrators and solicited feedback from stakeholder groups—including the university's Real Estate Advisory Committee, Business Board, and Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs—that informed decision-making. U3A ultimately developed a strategic framework built around identifying objectives for future real estate projects and developing strategies for the implementation and evaluation of those projects.

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