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U3A's Jaime Flaherty co-authored article featured in Development Southern Africa

U3 Advisors' Managing Director & CFO Jaime Flaherty was recently published in the Development Southern Africa journal (Volume 35, #1) with an article she co-wrote with U3 Advisors' University of Pretoria client. “Integrating the Edges: University of Pretoria’s Neighbourhood Anchor Strategy” highlights the significant initiatives UP is undertaking to lead an urban renewal and social transformation project around its Hatfield campus in the City of Tshwane, South Africa. U3 Advisors worked on developing the framework strategy for UP and drew upon their deep experience with anchor institution strategies in the United States. The article grew out of Jaime’s presentation at the University-City Building Conference in Cape Town (October 2016) which hosted experts and key stakeholders around higher education initiatives in South Africa.

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U3A Advises on Anchor Strategies in South Africa

Funded by the Kresge Foundation, a team from U3A spent a week at the University of Pretoria last fall to advise on strategies to strengthen the precinct around the UP Hatfield campus.  Faced with rising unrest from students in the #feesmustfall movement and fiscal pressure on South African cities, many universities are beginning to understand the need to engage, invest, and partner in place-based initiatives.  In October, Jaime Flaherty, VP & CFO, was a keynote speaker at the University-City Building workshop in Cape Town, which included university and civic leadership from across South Africa.

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