Collaborative Aims to Enhance Memphis Medical District

The newly established Medical District Collaborative (MDC), a nonprofit entity made up of stakeholders and executives in the Memphis Medical District, held its inaugural board meeting on February 1, 2016. U3A’s representative in Memphis, Tommy Pacello, was named the President of MDC. The MDC has plans for series of changes in the in the District beginning in May 2016, including streetscaping and public arts projects. The MDC anticipates that real estate development and parking management projects will be undertaken in the future. Click here for the latest coverage in the Memphis Daily News. 

U3 Advisors was hired by the District’s anchor institutions in summer 2014 to design and implement as anchor strategy in the area in an effort to focus its economic resources for the benefit of the entire district.  U3A has designed and implemented similar anchor strategies in Philadelphia and Midtown Detroit.